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Dit is Europa-29-1


First published in Dutch in March 2016, available in English since May the same year, titled ‘This is Europe’.


The book isn’t a series of portraits: Dit is Europa is the story about the Youropeans-project. The first chapters are about the 8 categories, there I ‘compare’ Europe’s hairdressers, policemen, sexworkers etc. In the second part of the book I try to analyze today’s Europe through the eyes of all these Youropeans and my own, theme by theme: immigration (hot topic of course!), solidarity, European values & identity. The last part is about the EU: what do we think about it, and why doesn’t it function as good as it should/could?


A good book, a fine read, I dare say. It received a warm welcome in the Dutch media: ‘funny’, ‘a well-written tour d’Europe’, ‘didn’t realize Europe was this interesting’.


Here’s how to order your copy:


> as a paper book, through Dutch site Bol.com, 24,95 euros, or through American site Lulu, 26,99$. Or, if you wish a signed copy, through me at mark@youropeans.eu.


> as an ebook, on Amazon, 9,09 euros.


> in het Nederlands? Dat kan natuurlijk ook gewoon, via Bol.com of via Maven, mijn uitgever (en hier als e-book).


Below – The book launch, Amsterdam March 8: a proud author and two of his Youropeans, policewoman Verona from Amsterdam and sexworker Charlotte from London.


klein Verona en Charlotte