City #18, September 2014. A beautiful city, surrounded by the sea. A compact city that wears its prosperity with pride. This a well-ordered Northern European kind of a place. In spite of the tourists trailing through the historic old town in neat files, it has not become the kind of open air museum that is the fate of so many other UNESCO World heritage sites.

Type of Youropeans? For a start, very different from their Finnish neighbours. Finland was never part of the Soviet Union. No KGB there, no history of repression. Estonians are more than happy to be part of the EU, which they expect to provide protection. They expect even more from NATO, and the speech given by Obama, who was in Tallinn just ten days before I arrived, left a deep impression. ‘An attack against one, is an attack against all of us.’ For Estonians, that is the essence of the NATO alliance.