Stockholm – Intro

City #15, August 2014. Stockholm may be the perfect city: beautiful and well run, its inhabitants are tall and healthy-looking. They speak English with an English accent. It may even be a bit too perfect: you sometimes get the impression that even the city’s flaws are deliberate, well thought-out. And perfection comes at a price: the country is terribly expensive, especially alcohol, (if you’re drunk in Sweden you’re either very rich or not used to drinking).

Type of Youropeans? A bit reserved, which can be perceived as arrogance. They are sticklers for rules. But the country is changing: blond is no longer the only flavour in Sweden. There are those who venture to greet a stranger, and even some Swedes who kiss one another goodbye. But the Law of Jante still applies. Based on a novel written in the 1930s, these ten rules are all variations on the theme ‘don’t think you’re anything special’. It is still the group that matters in Sweden, and individual success is slightly suspect.