Sex worker

She works in an apartment with two other women who are older than she is. When I arrive for my appointment, the doors of their rooms are open and one is folding sheets, wearing only panties and a bra, the other one is lying on her bed on her stomach, watching TV. Diana was on the bed too, but gets up to escort me to her room.

Are you friends?

‘Well, almost,’ she says. She is 30, petite, brunette. Two large tattoos are visible under the sleeves of her T-shirt. I had found her online; she was one of the few girls who could speak English.

Where did you learn English?

‘From TV, from the movies, from my son.’

How old is he?

‘Ten. He is learning it school. My language is Bulgarian, and when somebody comes here, he needs to speak Bulgarian, because that is what we do here,’ she says laughing.

Her room is light, sunshine is streaming in – it’s a lovely November afternoon.

What do you think of your job? Is it nice?

‘No, not nice. I’m okay with it, that’s all. But the money is good and I need that. This job I can do for maybe two, three years more, and then my body will scream “help me”.’


‘All this sex, every time, every day, is making my body tired. At this moment I’m good, but sometimes I’m very tired.’

You have to be in good shape?

‘Yes, physically and mentally,’ she says in her high voice. ‘I don’t drink or smoke. Well, maybe once a month, when I go clubbing. I eat fresh food and vegetables, rice and meat. My secret: I don’t use make-up.’ She is silent for a moment, giving me time to check her face. ‘And another secret: ‘I sleep ten hours a day. And every morning I go to the gym for one hour.’

Do your friends know what your job is?

‘I don’t have friends here, I’m not from Sofia. Only one person knows about it and he is okay with it.’

Your family?

‘No. They think I’m doing something normal.’

Your son?

‘He doesn’t know. He is still too young to be suspicious. You know, I finish here at 7 PM, and at the moment I close the door, I remember nothing about what happened here.’

It’s another you.

‘Yes, my zodiac sign is Twins.’ She laughs. Before 7, I am oo la la, a sexy woman, after, I am a normal woman.’

What do you think, do you agree that your job is not okay in the eyes of many?

‘Bulgarian people don’t have an open mind. 80% would disapprove very much, but at the same time these men come here to fuck, pffff… Look, I’m not judging others, I don’t want to, because it’s not right.’

Many people think it’s bad, because girls are forced to do it.

‘No no no, it’s my choice, I’m not crazy.’

Do you have a relationship?

‘Not now. Maybe later I will find a good man for a normal life. I used to have one, on Corfu. I worked there as a sex worker, but only for three months, and then I met a man, Greek, and we had a relationship. I stopped this work, but after the relationship had finished, I came back here and started working again.’

You have customers from many countries. Which ones are nice?

‘Germans aren’t. Don’t like them. They don’t like my body. Don’t know why they don’t, but I don’t care. I went to Munich, to work there, but after one week, I left. Bulgarians are nice, they treat me with respect.’

How did you start?

‘Very easily. I packed my bags and went to Greece,’ she laughs.

What will you do after this?

‘I’m studying to work in a hotel. I’m looking forward to it.’

What do you think about Europe?

‘I don’t want Bulgaria in the EU. Bulgarians are everywhere in Europe now. It’s not good. Because when I go to a foreign country, I don’t want to see people from my own country all the time.’

You can travel easily?

‘Yes, I’ve been in Madrid, Cyprus, only for pleasure, not work, hey. Didn’t like Cyprus. They are like gypsies, I don’t like that – I’m a racist,’ she says laughing. ‘I don’t like Turks either. Black people I’m okay with. And I don’t like men with moustaches, it’s not good on my skin. Hair should be on top of your head, not on your lip.’