City #23, November 2014. There’s no denying that this is the poorest country in the EU. The pavement is full of potholes, the prices are low. Ancient glory is buried beneath Soviet concrete or plate glass office buildings built by cowboy capitalists.

Type of Youropeans? Very friendly, however. Most of them put a lot of faith in Europe, mostly because it’s far away. 72% are in favour of it. ‘Make the country into a province, with a governor from Brussels,’ one Youropean said. A journalist told me that Brussels is taking care of them, like Mother Russia did, and before that, Istanbul. Bulgaria joined the EU on special conditions, like Rumania. It has an annual obligation to demonstrate that it is taking adequate measures to combat corruption and organised crime. They usually miss their target, which at first was of great concern to the government, but now people just shrug. You can get used to anything.