City #26, January 2015. For a Czech, the glass is always half empty: they complain a lot. And they’re aware of this, and can laugh about it, because they also have a healthy doses of self-mockery. In addition, the average Czech doesn’t like to give himself airs. Their work is professional, and they’re good at whatever they do, but one small holdover from the Soviet era is a reluctance to take the initiative. So much for my analysis of the situation on the ground.

Type of Youropeans: not particularly enthusiastic, at least if the turnout at the last European election is anything to go by. They consider themselves to be at the heart of Europe, but Brussels is a long way off, as is Paris. I was there when demonstrations against the Charlie Hebdo attacks were being held in many European countries, but there were no protests in Prague. This could be explained, the locals said, by a lack of familiarity with the issues: the Czech Republic has almost no Muslim inhabitants.