City #25, January 2015. The world speaks English, but London speaks world: everyone comes to London, including tourists from every corner of the world, and masses of immigrants. There are immigrants on the bottom rung of society but also on the top rung, where they prefer to be called expats. London is the urban version of Noah’s ark and each group has its own neighbourhood: the Arabs in Bayswater, next to the Greeks, the Chinese in Soho, the French in South Kensington (in terms of population, London is the sixth largest French city.) It was difficult to arrange interviews: everyone is incredibly busy, and they tend to be reserved, at least the English are.

Type of Youropeans: as expected, they are not the biggest fans of this club, but our perception is skewed; London and Great Britain are not the same. London is very cosmopolitan and the City, its financial heart, benefits from the European connection.