Helsinki intro

City #3, July 2013. A great city, almost surrounded by sea. And the best thing is that unlike most cities that are this well-situated, Helsinki hasn’t exploited its coast (yet). No expensive hotels or loud bars, just a few – wooden – ferries to the many islands. Of course there are some bars and restaurants (and yes, they are very expensive: this is Finland, where a  beer costs 8 euros), but they’re quiet. A tourist tip, with romantic potential? Go to Merisatamanranta and take the ferry to Liuskasaari, a small island just 50 meters away. Find a nice spot on one of the large rocks, flat and warmed by the sun. Looking out over the sea, you can watch the big ferries to Estonia and Stockholm pass and fade slowly into the distance. And you’ll probably have the place to yourself, because this is Helsinki and therefore quiet. An ideal picnic spot.

What type of Youropeans? Healthy and wealthy, calm and friendly. The Finns have got their act together.