City #19, September 2014. Their neighbours may not agree – and in fact they don’t – but I think that Croatians are extremely friendly and hospitable. They do not allow foreigners to pay for hospital treatment, and if a foreigner asks for directions to a restaurant or a museum, they accompany them. Maybe it because there aren’t that many foreigners in Zagreb. The airport is small, and there are no RyanAir or EasyJet flights. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. A well-kept secret, elegant but at the same time a bit rough around the edges, and refreshingly free of hop-on, hop-off buses.

Type of Yourpeans? Critical. Used to being ruled by someone else, some say, whether it’s Brussels, Belgrade or Vienna. With a healthy dose of mistrust where politicians are concerned. And definitely slightly uneasy about their dealings with Northern Europeans, whom they view as stiff and cold and whose condescension does not unnoticed.