Nicosia intro

City #7, November 2013. My first time in Cyprus and probably my last: why would anyone come to this far corner of Europe? Isn’t it practically the Middle-East? Well, a lot of British tourists do, as do rich Russian expatriates and others who see it is an open backdoor to Fort Europe. But they won’t go to Nicosia, the capital, which is not the prettiest city on the island. Its one, unfortunate, attraction is the wall, the dividing line between the Greek side of Cyprus and the occupied half of the island. Nicosia looks like it’s been built over the past three decades without a plan – and without love or care: there are buildings and concrete everywhere. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to be here, to be able to walk around in a T-shirt in November, and to meet so many friendly people.

What type of Youropeans? Passionate and courteous. Many feel that a lot of injustice has been done to them, and that the world (the EU in particular) doesn’t care. And the injustice is always there, right in their faces: a border they don’t want. It makes some of them sad, others angry.