Brussels – Intro

City # 10, April 2014 – That’s the problem for most Dutch people: Belgium is just too close by. We drive through it at high speed on our way to France, stopping only for cheap gas. At least, that’s my excuse for not knowing Brussels very well. Paris, of course, Paris I’ve visited often, but Little Paris was never on my list. Even before the European Union moved in with its giant office buildings, it already was a grand city, with serious avenues, palaces and churches. But there are places where you can still see Paris’s little sister as she once was: the squares around the Saint Catherine for example are more evocative of a provincial city than of a cosmopolitan capital city.

Type of Youropeans? Well, Europe = Brussels. They unite north and south, are multilingual and diverse. The jolly people come from the South, the hard-working ones from the North.